Bridal Tans

Sunless Secret is proud to specialize in wedding day tans and bridal tans! This will be the most important airbrush tanning session of your life, so allow us to give you peace of mind and a few tips before, during, and after your big day! 


Booking your Appointment/s:

1. Schedule a Trial Tan:

No matter what tanning business or airbrush artist you decide you give the honor of applying your spray tan for your big day, I highly recommend a trial session at least a couple weeks before the wedding to be booked as soon as possible.

This will ensure the results are exactly how you dreamed and give you one less thing to have to worry about prior to the big day.

Book your appointment for your trial tan ASAP!

2. See how the tan looks on camera by taking a photo a couple days after your trial tan wearing white:

After the trial tan and booking your appointment for the wedding day tan, I always tell my brides to take a picture outside (if outdoor wedding) wearing a white tank top or shirt to see how the tan would look in photographs. Pictures can make you look more washed out or darker, depending on the lighting. So if you are having a sunset wedding, take a picture around sunset with the same amount of days lapsed between your bridal tan session and the day of the actual wedding.  

For example, if your wedding is Saturday and I am spraying you for the wedding on Thursday.... take a photo in a white shirt outdoors TWO days after your trial session to see how it looks on camera. We can then adjust the darkness for the bridal tan accordingly.

This is not mandatory but will ensure total customization & perfection for the biggest day of your life and definitely give you piece of mind in not having to worry about how your tan will look in your wedding photos.


Your Dress

Clear solution is available by advance-notice request, however:

An airbrush tan will not rub off on your dress or any clothing if you have completely washed all the cosmetic bronzer off of your skin after the tan has developed. The tan itself results after the process of literally changing the color of the top layer of your skin, and therefore does not "rub off": the bronzer in the solution that is leftover is what may rub off on your clothes if you have not used soap or completely washed it off. 

This is how to guarantee your dress is safe on your big day: Shower until the water in the tub at your feet runs clear (free of brown cosmetic makeup) TWICE before the big day.

Your tan will continue to develop until you use soap OR for up to 24 hours even after rinsing; so it is recommended to wait 24 hours to use soap if possible, but I always ask that you take 2 showers WITH soap prior to putting on your dress and showering until the water runs clear to ensure that all the bronzer has been washed away. 


Bridal Party

Sunless Secret offers discounts to brides that would like their bridesmaids to be tan on the wedding day as well.

I usually recommend having a "spray tan party" before the Bachelorette party. This gives the girls that have never had a spray tan an idea of how the process works, and the chance to adjust the tan for the big day accordingly.

It is entirely up to you whether you offer tans to your bridal party, or even require them... but keep in mind that if the girls in your party go to differrent spray tan artists/companys for their spray tans, the tans may look obviously different especially in the photos. Due to this, I recommend choosing one artist and having a spray tan party or passing along the business information to all the girls in the party.

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